About Faculty

College Location :
The college is located inside the western campus at the entrance to Beni Suef city . Salah Salem Street.

origin of the college:
The Faculty of Sciences was established in 1984 and it was affiliated to the University of Cairo as a branch in Beni Suef until the branch became a university upon a Republican Decree No. 84 of 2005 and became a subsidiary of University of Beni Suef and since its establishment, it strives to activate its capabilities  to enrich the experiences of its students based on the scientific and intellectual experiences of its professors. The College has three major sectors: Education and Student Affairs Sector, Graduate Studies and Research Sector, and Community Services and Environmental Development Sector. The Faculty of Science at Beni Suef University consists of six sections: the Department of Chemistry, Botany and Microbiology, Zoology, Physics, Geology, Mathematics and Computer Science. Eleven programs are offered to its students with the credit hours system.