Office of Community Service Management and Environmental Development

Office of Community Service Management and Environmental Development
Establishment of the Office
The Community Services Office of the Faculty of Science was established by a decision of the College Council No. 263 of October, 2018.
Office Vision
To raise the efficiency and effectiveness of the Faculty of Science in Beni Suef as a distinguished research center that works to develop partnership and cooperation with educational and research institutions and community institutions at the local, regional and global levels.
Office mission 
The administration of the office works to develop the reciprocal relations between the college and civil society institutions and research centers in order to develop the faculty's own resources and activate the role of society in developing the educational and research process at the college.
Office Objectives
• Activating the role of the college in community service and environmental development.
• Expanding research and scientific consultations and guiding scientific research to serve the community and develop the environment.
• Developing the capacity of faculty members and the supporting body in the field of theoretical and applied studies and research that contribute in the service of society and the development of the environment.
Office tasks
• Encouraging access to self-financing and creating new ways to increase financial resources.
• Preparing a plan of projects and applied studies that serve the environmental fields and follow up their implementation.
• Coordinating with civil society organizations intersted in the fields of environment and society.