Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Center

Vision of the Center:
The Center is a recognized entity in its research and environmental services.

Mission from the Center:
The Center seeks to provide its research and environmental services through its various units and trained cadres to the beneficiaries to be able to develop the community through systems that are credible and accurate.

Strategic Objectives of the Center:
- Conducting various chemical, biochemical and physiological analyzes related to water and food
- Conducting biochemical and physiological analyzes.
- Identification of microorganisms whether in water or food.
- Preparation of microscopic samples necessary for the learning process.
- Providing scientific and technical advice to scientific bodies and institutions in the community.
- Conducting environmental, geological and geophysical studies and consultations for individuals, production sectors and services in and around the governorate.
- Opening channels of communication and building effective partnerships with companies, factories and institutions to find effective solutions to the problems facing them.
- Conducting medical analysis in the field of molecular biology according to the latest methods used in advanced scientific centers.
- Processing, examination and imaging of the visible form of biological, geological and chemical samples.
- Processing, examination and imaging of the internal structure of biological samples and the work of various measurements of nanometric chemical samples.
- Analysis of different elements of all biological, geological and chemical samples.
- Providing some general services for students and researchers, such as photography and access to the Internet.
- Organizing and facilitating scientific conferences and cultural and scientific seminars for the scientific departments at the faculty.
- Supporting researchers, innovators and outstanding students.
- Sponsorship of the Science and Technology Club.
- Providing the necessary environment to help faculty members and researchers to complete their researches using the latest scientific devices and advanced technologies.
- Organizing specialized training courses in different scientific fields to contribute in training and raising the efficiency of employees, researchers and interested in these fields.
- Supporting the resources of the educational institution.