Center's Director speech

Since its foundation, the Faculty of Science-Beni Suef University has endeavored to develop the scientific capabilities and research skills of our beloved country's sons. The Center for Microbiology, Environmental Research and Community Service is the window of Beni Suef University to study its needs and fulfill its requirements in various public and private sectors.
      The Center's main mission is to provide effective human resources in all fields through specialized academic expertise at the university. The Center aspires to be the best choice for institutions in the public and private sectors through the services it provides and supervises in all fields and with high quality, The Center works on bridging communication between the university and the various institutions through providing consultancy and research studies, assisting in the training of workers in all sectors, and seeking to settle the modern technologies necessary to advance the society.

  Dr. Heba Allah Mohamed Abdel Halim
 Executive Director, Center for Microbiology, Environmental Research and Community Service, Faculty of Science, Beni Suef University