Ethics Charter of university student

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
Beni Suef University seeks to achieve a new vision through which it can achieve its strategy, plans and development programs to reach the level of leadership.
As the university student is the main axis in the educational system at the university, it was necessary to illustrate his rights and duties, which helps in creating a sound environment in which the rights are preserved as well as values ​​and ethics, which benefit the society as a whole .

First: Rights
• Academic rights

1-  Appropriate study environment should be provided for student to achieve comprehension and study easily.
2- Obtaining the scientific and cognitive subject related to the university courses that he is studying through (professor's memorandum or external reference) in accordance with the university rules and regulations governing the academic work and not forcing the student to purchase the memorandum.
3 - Obtaining the university card and taking advantage of the services provided by the college in accordance with the regulations, decisions and university norms in force in this regard.
4 - Obtaining plans and schedules of study and registration in the courses provided by the system and the rules of registration. 
5 - The student has the right to delete or add any course or delete the entire semester as provided by the system of study and registration in the period specified for that which announced to students.
6 - getting a full explanation of the course.
7 - The student has the right to ask his professors on campus and discuss an appropriate scientific discussion at appropriate times (office hours).
8 -  The questions of tests must be within the curriculum and its contents and taking into account the balanced and logical distribution of questions on the whole curriculum as well as balanced distribution of grades to achieve a fair assessment of the capabilities of the student.

Non - academic duties
1 - not to do any acts contrary to morality and public morals.
2. protecting the university's reputationthe in which the student will graduate. 
3. maintaining hygiene.
4 - Commitment to appropriate clothing that guarantees the student personal freedom and respecting the rights of others as well as the university.
5 - Accuracy and credibility in giving the university personal information and data and reporting change when it occurs.