Office of faculty members and employees' services

Office services
Project of housing faculty members and employees
Services of employees
1. Maternity Leave
2. Childcare leave
3 - husband or wife accompaniment leave 
4. Special leave for family care
5 - circumstantial leave
6 - sick leave
7. Permission
8. Secondment
9 - Ordinary leave
10. errand
11. Leave balance
Faculty member Services
Memorandum on Appointment of Assistant Professor at the Department
Memorandum on the appointment of a teacher at the College
A scientific mission member data form
Form for the formation of the discussion and governance committee (Master or PhD)
 a contract to distribute a book
Special data form for faculty members to attend internal and external conferences and symposia (exhibitions and seminars)
Application for the Scientific Excellence Award
Applying for the University Award
Nomination of an internal mission
Joint nomination nomination form
Sample Report of the validity of the discussion of a thesis (Master - PhD)
Report on a conference / local / international meeting / seminar / session / workshops / ...
Report on a scientific mission abroad
A semi-annual report of the supervisor of a thesis